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The operational "Installation File" ("Ground/arena-File") is a basic demand of the law-enforcement agencies and the fire-fighters brigade authorities prior to any other security measures to be planed and implemented. The elementary "business license" is depend on keeping safety regulations and considering human-life first.



In response to these demands of safety and security official authorities, we are conducting, organizing and editing to our customers the "Installation-File" based on professional knowledge and accumulated experience over the years. As the "Installation File" is an efficient mean for the security system management and the ongoing professional operation – it is also an effective mean in hands of the enterprise management (and other various factors acting within the organization) to control, supervise and follow-up unique units and crucial segments.



Staff acting on behalf of Sital in this field combined security experts working together with safety experts. While ensuring the implementation of regulations directed by security and safety officials our activities are coordinated with our clients. The "Installation File" is tailored to the organization's facilities, its activities nature, considering units and systems that operate at different, providing unique guidelines, translating the organization management requirements obligatory to all organization personnel - to "Security & Safety language", special emphasis in security, safety and more.

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