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A security System is established and operates as directed on its core program which is based on a professional survey referring to the arc of threats assessment against the organization. formulating operational plans versus the risks evaluated with regard to physical security, data & information security, emergency plans, etc., includes – among many other topics of interest - engineering design and match the nature of the organization and its primary operations. The security formation is a very dynamic system that is a 24/7 operation implemented by manpower and technology.


In modern times such a system management is a profession that requires unique knowledge and skills as well as operational experience includes a broad range of topics. Sital employees assigned as security director for our customers are former ISA and other related agencies who served for many years in Israel and abroad, performing field operational activities, managerial positions, technology assignments and more . Vast experience in a variety of security and intelligence topics, the knowledge accumulated over the years by the company management and employees aside with the professional Sital directors backup as a head-quarters for the Security-Director in the field provide the company with the ability and knowledge to perform for its clients the best effective "security-wraparound" and posting High-Qualified personnel for management. Designing and implementing security demands on one hand – when on the other maintaining strict "Co - Existence" with the organization's primary activity and purpose. At the same time Sital management is available to all levels of the customer organization.


Security directors posted by us for our customers in Israel and abroad are active in industrial enterprises, financial institutions, various service providers, HI-TECH companies, telecommunications and infrastructure, and more.


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