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Procedures are, inter alia, the "common language" presented and expressed by the security elements in the organization as well as by other employees at all levels. Operational security procedures are set to be implemented by security personnel. Other security Procedures are not necessarily for the security personnel use but should be implemented by all the  organization's staff  obliged to the enterprise common interest.

In order to determine procedures, Sital builds and assigned a team of professional expert, who are exceptionally experienced in creating this communication "common language" between the various factors in the organization – and the security demands. Our outstanding professionals are specialized in determining the responsibilities and authority required to implement security programs and integration of security guidelines among segments in the organization. Robust techniques coupled with advanced knowledge and methods enable Sital to act in a manner that does not affect work processes while ensuring the continuation of a secured normal life, business and finance activities, industrial operations, transportation, infrastructures on-going activation, civil engineering projects and more. Our professional teams focus on coordinating with the various segments in the organization in order to implement streamlining and savings, procedures assimilation, monitoring and feedback as a management tools, and continuous updating and adjustment.

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